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09/06/2011 16:22:54

Hi there!!

Finally we needed a dozen of days to each Venice from Mallorca. This lapse of time includes some unexpected mechanical and navigation problems … Thus, arriving to the beautiful city of Venice has been a pleasure.

The book of the Archduke concerning Venice does not include any drawings; therefore we have had the pleasure to take the images that we consider more accurate to the descriptions of the book. We can be a little more creative with the pictures we take this time, hoping to reach similar intensity as the Archduke shows in his works …

In the first place the team of the NIXE III Project has arrived in Venice a day of June just as the Archduke did in his frist trip to Venice. However, we were not as lucky and a huge storm recieved us at the entrance of the Port of Lido.

The entrance to Venice by boat and through de San Marcos channel is amazing. At first sight, it is impressive to watch the line of domes and towers that shapes the skyline of the city.Then the churches of San Giorgio and La Salute appear in front of us.


Finally one can see to the right, and majestic, the Palazzo Ducale; and Little by little San Marcos square opens up in front of us , and we can admire the cathedral at the end of it.


Already in the city it is wonderful to wander around and walk through the little channels. Nowadays they are plenty of Gondole with tourist that pay a high price for un unforgettable little tour.

We have had the chance to visit the business of a handcraft constructor of Gondole. He tells us that the wood for some parts of the Gondole comes from Indonesia, Ramini is the type of Wood. Some other parts are made from chestnut wood.

With the high tide it is difficult to pass under some of the small bridges, even tough on would say that the Gondolieri are quite happy to undergo this situation.

We arrive again to the San Marcos square with the idea to see from a short distante de Palace of the Procurattori, which the Archduke comments that he saw when he opened the window of his residence in his first trip to Venice.

The we go towards the Gran Canal to admire now, with a different perspective the church of La Salute and the marvelous places that we can find at each side of the cannel.


At the end of the afternoon we have the time to go to the Lido, and visit its beach, as the Archduke comments that he liked to do during the afternoons.


The views of Venice from the Lido, at the end of the afternoon are indeed espectacular.

Best wishes!!

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