Venecia y Trieste


Arrival at Trieste

11/06/2011 0:53:10

Hi there!!

Last morning around eight we arrived at Trieste. The day started very fresh and cloudy. From the boat we started observing some of the points that we were looking for, such as the elevated lighthouse that is visible at one of the sides of the city, or the image of Muggia to the right of the city.

Salvator comments that the mountains of Trieste are naked, without soil, just rocks. These rocks have yellow color or grey color. We observed that the mountains contain now trees and arbustive vegetation. However we can see that sometimes portions of some mountain are naked.


When approaching the city we have been able to see with clarity the commercial ports and the private marinas, and the hill where Saint Giusto Basilica and the Castello are situated.

We have left the marina and we have gone to the Square of the Italian Unity. There one can find the building of the Austrian Lloyd, which the Archduke points out as the largest building at the time. Later others of similar size have been build such as the Government Palace in 1903.


Around the same square there are also several palaces and the town hall. The source of the four continents is in the same place as the Archduke described, however only since 2001 because for some years it was displaced to one of the sides of the square. The black Stone representing Africa is nowadays mostly gray.


Very near the square you can find the Tergesteo, which is also a comercial center today. and the square of the stock Exchange. The chamber of commerce owns the building.


The Gran Canal, without traffic, and with the sorrounding palaces, es beautiful. The rosso bridge is situated at half way of the canal before arriving to the church of San Antonio.


At the end of the canal it is easy to see the domes of the San Antonio church and the Ortodox church situated to the right of the cannel.


Now we cross Via del Corso and enter into the old town y we start climbing the hill towards the Castello. As we climb we find the arch of Ricardo.

On our way up to the Cathedral of San Giusto, the stoned street has to both sides Platanus acerifolia and Tilia platyphyllos. The square in front of the Cathedral has a big Celtis australis. This tree was planted on all the squares of Trieste whenever there is a church.


In San Giusto Basilica we fi

nd beautiful columns and paintings. We find also the chapel with the tumbs of Charles V and Charles VII of Spain who died in the exile at Trieste.

Finally we arrive to the Castello from where the views are impressive towards the sea anf the mountains.


Best wishes!!

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2 comentarios

última en: 15/06/2011 20:43:59

15/06/2011 20:43:59 por Juan

Hola Helga!!

Si aunque en Muggia hemos regresado momentáneamente al mundo de Venecia ...

Gracias por lo de las fotos


11/06/2011 por Helga

Me alegra mucho que finalmente habeis llegado al "comienzo" del verdadero viaje archiducal. Gracias por estas maravillosas fotos que nos dejan participar en el viaje, un beso   Helga

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