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Muggia and Miramare

12/06/2011 10:54:59

Hi there!!

Yesterday, saturday, we visited Muggia where the residence of the Archduke was situated, and during the afternoon we went to Miramare.

The stop at Muggia was related to a symbolic component of this NIXE III Project. Just as we did in front of Miramar (Mallorca), we threw a laurel crown into the sea. This represents the shared love for Ancient Greece of the Archduke and Sissi, and also it is a sign of wisdom.


At Muggia we were surprised by the style of the little church. Actually it has a Venetian origin. Muggia is one of the first villages of Istria and therefore it belonged to the State of Venice. Thus even if we are just a few kilometres apart from Trieste, we are in two historically and culturally different worlds.


What was the residence of the Archduke is situated in Zindis, belonging to Muggia, just four kilometres from the center of Muggia. Some time ago it was a restaurant, and now it has been acquired by a promoter who wants to develop a little hotel. Some ancient parts of the house, such as the tower or the right hand side have been preserved; the rest was considerably modified. Nowadays construction rules are much more restrictive at Muggia.


The views towards the Gulf of Trieste and Miramare are wonderful. The place is quite apart from Trieste, and yeti t is a central spot in the Gulf of Trieste from landscape point of view. Here we have a coincidence with his residences at Mallorca.

Back to Muggia we went to Trattoria Risorta. The chef, Stefano, prepared a first dish with pumkin flowers filled with ricota and filadelfia and accompanied with scampi and bacon, and as the main dish spaghetti allo scoglio wuth clamps and mussels, everything delicious.


The restautant maintains the decoration typical of a small fishing village, the same as we could have encountered 100 years ago. We can see a beautiful central wooden furniture that contains the glasses of wine. It weights more than 500 pounds and was hand made by the previuos chef.


Stefano is a well instructed person who was born at Friuli. We did a very interesting interview with him in order to try to understand the specificities of the gastronomy of the zone.

He also talks about geography and wine. In the region the wind of Norteast is called “Bora”. This wind provides from Siberian and in the way to Trieste, the orography and the karst rocks makes the wind high speeds. This regional phenomenon is very intensive at winter, when the speed of wind could arrive to 200 km/h.

The Bora wind and the karst are a difficult geoclimatical conditions to the adaption of the vegetation. The vegetation is poor and the predominant form is shrubby. A good example of adaptation is the wine of the region. These wines elaborated on the karst substrate have deep roots to get water and nutrients. The variety of the wihte wine of the Carso is called Vitoska. We can taste a Vodo Pivec even if it is a white wine of a different variety.

Finally Stefano stresses the importance of searching for the cultural and historical roots, and whatever may be authentic in other sides of life. We also di dan interview with Davide a fisherman that explains to us the evolution of the fishing methods.

At the end of the afternoon we pass by Miramare, the palace that was owned by the emperors of Austria. Today the whole space is a natural park with restricted access.

We are back in the zone of austro-hungarian influence, which is easy to see, the same as in Trieste, by the characteristics of the architecture.

At the end of the day the sun hits the facade of the Palace, and the view that we can get from the sea is beautiful

Best wishes!!

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2 comentarios

última en: 17/08/2011 20:14:37

17/08/2011 20:14:37 por Juan


Menos mal que estás para que nos salga todo perfecto!!

Ahí es donde nos llevaron y a falta de gravado del Archiduque para contrastar, pues simplemente no nos quedó otra que seguir las indicaciones de la gente del pueblo  ...

Ahora nos tendrás que pasar la foto y quizás subirte al barco el año próximo!!!

Un abrazo!

03/07/2011 por Helga

Juan, esto NO es la casa del Archiduque!!!! No tiene torre, la fachada es completamente diferente y esta arriba en la montaña!!! Además la casa esta restaurada y en perfecto estado !!!

Que os ha pasado ????   Helga

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