Day 4: From Cala Galdana to Cala Santandría

04/08/2010 17:02:38

Hi there!!

This is our last day in Minorca for the moment. We will be back later. In the meantime and from the 12th of August we will be visiting the Columbretes Islands. It is a wonderful natural reserve situated at around 30 miles from Castellón. We hope that you will be able to follow us at that moment

BOAT TOURS: From Cala Galdana to Cala Santandría

We enter Cala Galdana from the right side where you can find the beach and the main hotel.

The creek is divided into two by a piece of land that finishes with a very large rock with a hole in it.

To the other side we find the exit of Sta. Galdana’s river.

We stop there and we try to find the place, from the shore, where the Archduke took one of his pictures.

By chance we meet Roberto Mauro, who loves photography and is the maintenance manager of one of the hotels. He shows to us the place from where the Archduke did this drawing.

The vegetation doesn’t allow to see the whole landscape and we look for an alternative spot with Roberto to take the picture.

The view from the distance of Santa Galdana shows clearly Monte Toro far away.

We keep on sailing towards Cala Macarella and we anchor not far away from a little rock situated to the right of the creek.

To the left we can see come of the caves of the creek.

We go to the beach, and we start walking to find out other caves situated in the right hand side, and that are, from time to time, inhabited.

On our way we have wonderful views in between the vegetation.

For a while the rocks are completly white. The contrast with the little rock in the water is impressive.

From the top we observe the Petita Macarella which is known to be a nudist zone.

Finally we arrive to one of the caves in which we find several objects and tools.

On our way to Son Saura we are appelaed by some clifs and the shape of some huge rocks.

A little rock in the water points to the entrance of Son Saura, which is a wonderful place to anchor and spend the whole night.

We keep on sailing for several miles until we approach Cabo Dartuix.

When we turn the cape the waves are slightly larger.

The coast at this point is rocky and not too high. During several miles we can observe that the rocks are divided into three “estratos”.

We arrive then to Cala Blanca.

Exiting the creek to the right we can see come houses built just on the clif.

Just before we arrive to Cala Santandría we observe a group of houses built on a clif formed by reddish rocks.

We arrive to Cala Santandría and we can see right away the tower that points out the entrance.

We step down in the right hand side of the creek.

The Archduke did his drawing from the left hand side of the creek but from a more elevated point than us.

The sunset in Cala Santandría is marvelous.

We leave Menorca for some time. We will be back to observe the whole north coast and, back again even later, to do the interior of the island.

Best wishes!

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20/08/2010 14:20:28 por Silvia

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Muchas gracias por tus palabras JuanMi. Esperamos que te recuperes pronto, y que en alguna ocasión te puedas venir con nosotros y disfrutarlo también!! Un fuerte abrazo 

10/08/2010 por juanmi

queridos navegantes de la intrepida mar espero que esta  travesia  hacia las columbretes, se os haga tan  interesante como las demas, mis mejores  deseos,un fuerte abrazo y que lo  disfruteis

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