Day 3: From Cala Coves to Cala Galdana

03/08/2010 23:38:24

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BOAT TOURS: From Cala Coves to Cala Galdana

The entrance to Cala Coves shows already that we are going to see something completely different.

The creek has one side to the left where we find a beautiful typical boat, a llaüt.

In the middle of the creek we find the only visible house.

To the right we can clearly see some of the inhabited caves of the creek.

When exiting Cala Coves we find a cave with a couple of rooms, that has very beautiful colours.

We find right away the famous discotheque, placed in a cave in the clif, to the right side of Cala en Porter.

We enter also Cala en Porter.

And just after Cala en Porter another cave with a very large entrance.

From now on the shore becomes even more rough.

We get into a little creek and we keep on passing by large clifs.

In Lluchalari we can see some rocks that form the beach.

Now the clifs disappear and we arrive to a quite long bay, which starts with the Beach of Son Bou, from there we have several kilometres of beaches.

At the end of the bay we arrive again to a rocky zone but now much shorter. We can see Punta Rabiosa.

And finally we get closer to a wonderful group of four little sandy creeks. In the first place, Cala Escorxada where we can see a group of rocks to the right hand side of the creek.

Just after we enter in Cala Fustam.

In Cala Trebeluja we find, to the left hand side, a little lake where some take little boats for rowing.

We find just after a very little creek with a very rough rocky appearance.

We pass by a cave with a large room.

The Pont den Alí is impressive. It seems as if it had been constructed precisely to hide a large boat.

We stop now in a little cave with several holes where the light penetrates producing wonderful colours.

Finally Cala Mitjana closes this set of four very well preserved sandy creeks.

And now we stop, and will follow another day from Cala Galdana.

Best wishes!

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