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Day 16: Salina the unexpected

28/06/2010 1:01:42

Hi there!!

As you will see, following the title of today’s blog, we have not been in Panarea and Strómboli, instead we have been in Salina. ¡What a beautiful island! The unexpected usually is a better source of pleasure than whatever we plan, and that’s the way we have experienced these days the Island of Salina.

The boat excursion was wonderful and the walking tour full of emotion. In this last one we had the chance to meet some very especial persons, who have helped us a lot in our mission. Today they will have a well deserved place in this blog.


After crossing the channel that separates Lípari and Salina, we started the boat tour of the Island of Salina from Punta de la Lingua. There we can see in the first place the little lighthouse and the curch of Lingua. That’s where the Archduk situates the Salt Works.

One mile from there we find already Santa Marina where we can see the curch of the Addolorata suspended in the hill.

After leaving the port of Santa Marina we encounter Praja Barone, as you will see people keep the custom to leave boats on the beach.

We can already see Capu Faro at a certain distance, and very soon we can distinguish the little caves at the bottom of the hill; now those caves are sorrounded by a large stone wall.

The little islet of Turicedda is wonderful. We approach it thanks to our tender so that we can see it from a very short distance.

Just one mile away we find Malfa which the little Punta Galera, which serves as a natural port.

Just behind Punta de la Galera there is a small rocky beach. The red rock that impressed so much the Archduk has a great presence in the middle of this beautiful landscape.

The Pirciattu of Pollara majestic and the landscape just behind it, like the moon …

Between the Pirciattu and the Islet there is a very good place to anchor; there we can calmly observe the view in fornt of us.

Rinella is a beautiful small town with little house on the same black sand beach. We love the view of Rinella with Lene on top of it, and the Monte dei Porri on top of both.

The boat tour finishes with the Punta de la Grotazza, which is formed by some esplendid reddish rocks.


Just after the boat tour, we went to have dinner at the Trattoria Cucinotta. The little stroll at night on the Strada del Resorgimento already showed to us all the potential beauty of the interior of Salina. The day after, Salina offered us also its human side.

First of all we want to stress the great care of the different spaces that both from the public and private side we can notice at Santa Marina. Old houses very well refurbished, and restaurants and hotels that maintain the authentic character of Salina.

Walking by Strada del Resorgimento we find a very kind couple, Sebastiano Bastianetto and Vera Rossi, both of 85 years of age, who invite us to their home in Via Torrente Barone.

The house is called “Gan Hannah”, the Latin and Greek Professor Sebastiano tells us that in ancient Hebrew it stands for “Il Paradiso della Gratuità”, we do not dare translating it fearing that we can lose the beaty of these words.

The professor also explains to us that the Rose of the Winds was established by Venetian people living in some Greek Islands; the professor is himself from Venice. Thus the Sirocco is the wind that comes from Syria; the Llibeggio, the wind that comes from Lybia; and the Maestrale, the one the comes down the coast of Croatia from the land of the Masters, Venice.

We arrive at Malfa and on the square that is situated in front of a little church we find a great Rose of the Winds … Chance?

Besides a second curch, already on our road to Leni, we meet Signore Sottile, who tells us that his family has been living in the same home for more than 200 years; same date in which the Palm Tree in the garden was supposed to be placed there. He refurbished the house 20 years ago,.

Before arriving to Leni, we run into the Santuario della Madonna del Terzito which offers great views to both sides of the coast (Malfa and Leni / Rinella).

We go down to Rinella and stop by near the beach we saw yesterday by boat.

Once back at Santa Marina, GianPiero, who rented the car to us, offers us a bottle of Malvasia, the worldwide known sweet wine of Salina. GianPiero tells us that he was in Mallorca for the Brotherhood Ceremony of the Lipari Islands and the Balearic Islands, which took place a few years ago. This ceremony was promoted by the Associació d’Amics de l’Arxiduc; and so now a little thought in memory of oncle Juan Estrany Obrador, who was the President of the Association, and promoted also the translation of the Book “The Liparishen Inseln” into Spanish.

By the way, and just to conclude, when we were having dinner at the Cuccinota in Santa Marina, we had the chance to have achat with a Carabinieri of Salina. He explained to us that the house that was filmed at Il Postino is just above the Pirciattu in la Pollara … However, since we all can see it in the film, we spared the visit …

Ah! And now, yes we are heading towards Panarea and Strómboli!!

Best wishes!

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última en: 30/06/2010 8:19:19

30/06/2010 8:19:19 por marichole

Bea! no tengo palabras! una experiencia increible! a pesar de que estoy lejos me acuerdo mucho de vos, así que sigo tu viaje por la web. Besos.

28/06/2010 por would you like to be peterpan?

Nois a vegades la improvització en aquesta vida es el millor. Peter Pan ...., el millor esperit ...!!!!  Bon viatge cap a Stromboli!!!


28/06/2010 por null

28/06/2010 por juanmi

Veo que desde que le dije a bea lo del iso las fotos mucho mejor..nosotros volvimos de ciudadella y todo muy bien, una pasada las fiestas como siempre..weno espero que sigais disfrutando y teniendo buenos dias de navegacion..un saludete..

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