Zante / Zakhyntos


Excursions by sea in Zakhyntos: The south and southwest coast


We started the destination: Zakhyntos by the sea. We will have a couple of days with good weather and we must use it.

We started out from the southeast of Zakhyntos, Cap Gerakas, which forms the bay of Laganas. We see that there is a part of the hill that forms the Cape that has a different shape. Also highlights two layers completely different one white and one red tones.


We arrived at the island of Peluso in which we can see that the old beach has suffer a  considerable erosion as we see the foundations of the old houses that were there. As indicated by the Archduke we can see the rock that looks like a monk praying.


We can see also from the sea the area where is the Vrondonero cliff. We arrived at the beach in the area of Kalamaki and approached an area with a small hill and rocks that seems to be what the Archduke identified as Ypsolito. We see some rocks on the sea but none like the Archduke drew.


Once on the beach we go to the area of Vrondonero and take another picture that we were looking for. Then crossed the bay westbound and after Laganas we got to the island of Ay Sostis. Today it has become a kind of club where you must pay a drink to access it.


In front of Ay Sostis there is Marathonissi Island, and in the northwest part we find two islets both pointing Keri Limny port.


We turn to Marathonissi and stopped in the area of the caves. One is quite deep.


From Marathonissi we go to the coast and before leaving the bay begins the "show" of this beautiful coast. We found the first of the bridges that drew the Archduke.


Following a second bridge, and from there many caves with very different characteristics: some of them deeper with vivid color, others less deep with lighter colors.


Once we have passed the cap Kerí we find the spectacular image of The Mysithres. These are two spectacular islands. The largest island was connected to earth at the time of the Archduke and now there are areas in which passes the sea between the rocks. In The Mysithres there are several caves, some deep and blue.


We continue north along the west coast and also find the Campanarias, two islands that are smaller than the Mysithres. A little further on is found a cave that has a bow with a central column forming two entrances.


We arrived after to the place the Archduke indicated as Abassadures. And not far away we see one of the formations that the Archduke found similar to a large temple. To us also remember one of the great temples of music: the Sydney Opera House.


Finally we passed the Kremastó, seen in this image from the west, and then by an islet that is pierced at its base.

It's late and we're going to spend the night at Porto Vromi. We will continue in an upcoming post with the rest of West Coast.

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