Ithaka: Agriculture and Fishing. (General Part).



Olive Trees:

Much has changed agriculture around olive in Ithaka since the Archduke's  time -then it seemed to be the predominant economic activity on the island-. Today it is cultivated only for their own production and many of the terraces, which once were well cared for, now happen to be abandoned.


Fig and almond:

Fig trees remain rare one hundred years later, being located near the towns. With the green fruit is usually done a typical sweet in a kind of heavy syrup. In the words of Archduke: the almond trees that previously would have on the whole island, in some places in great abundance, are now very rare specimens and lower abundance.


Fruit Trees:

At the time of Archduke Salvator, there were few fruit trees  and mostly affected by pests or diseases. Now they have lowered production and the most abundant are the orange and lemon trees near the villages, especially in the backyards.



Still grows both white wine and red, but production is usually for private use and very limited. When production increases the surplus is often sold to local restaurants on the island.



Fishing continues  although the fleet of ships has been greatly reduced, disappearing smaller boats. Currently there are 10 large boats and other small fishing boats typically used for tourist or private sailing.


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