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Delphi and Amphissa


Not far from Galaxidi are both Delphi as Amphissa. Delphi is one of those places that you need to see, mixing spectacular landscapes and all the mythology that accompanies us on this tour of Greece.

From the plain of Etea we can see the sea of ​​olive trees mentioned by Archduke and far away the mountains and the valley in which Delphi is. Once in Delphi we see the mountains that form the valley with the most important archaeological remains.

The area of the temple of Athena is awesome. We see a circular sanctuary, Tholos, with some columns restored.


Not far away we can see Kastalia sources in the same area and the Gymnasium. Further up the hill is the temple of Apollo.


Finally we can see an image of the Ghristos village with the "olive-tree sea" mentioned by the Archduke and meeting Etea city and the sea.

At the valley turn right and after a few kilometers we reach Amphissa. There stands the castle whose image took Archduke, we also photographed at about the place that he did. It is noted that the city has grown ...

Moving up to the castle we found a square with a beautiful church with a clock in its tower left.


Here we can see an old bar with many seniors inside it. Also we found very old houses like this which was adapted into the next lane, and where you can see interesting details about its construction.


We can see the castle from the bottom of the hill and its walls once we got to him.


The images of the city from the castle are breathtaking and, in the distance, we see again that great "sea of ​​olive trees" that characterizes this valley.


We leave this area and change bay. Our next destination Aspra Spitia and the visit to the monastery of San Lucas.

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