Golfo de Corinto


Flora in Corinthian Gulf. (General Part).


We started the tour stopping at Galaxidi, a small coastal town. In the town we could find with several olive trees around houses, many orchards as lemon and orange trees, pines (Pinus halepensis, Pinus pinea) and some other almond (Prunus dulcis).


Notably, eucalyptus and palm trees were observed, which are not characteristic of the Mediterranean flora.


Following the tour, we went to Delphi and the ruins of the Temple of Athena. From there you can see the whole valley was a sea of ​​olive trees with no end. As the locals say: from here comes the best olive oil from Greece. A part of the olive trees, you can also find many cypresses and plane trees (Platanus orientalis).


Back to Galaxidi we stopped at Amfissa. In the city you can see the same pattern as in other populations, with a predominance of orange and lemon. At the top, where the castle is, there is  a numerous group of almond and inside the castle with many pine trees. In the streets, as we descended, we see the passion flower (Passiflora caerulea)


Andikira, Aspra Spitia and Ossios Lukas.

Both Aspra Spitia and Andikira, the flora is very similar to Galaxidi with pines and cypresses but we also note oaks (Quercus coccifera)

In Lukas Ossios we find a large banana on the esplanade and many pines. Importantly, the large amount of rosemary that is often found near all other churches or temples in Greece.



New Corinth.

A highly urbanized environment with lots of palm trees in the first streets of the beach. As we go deeper in the city you can occasionally  find some other pine.

Akro Corinth

Inside the castle we find several olive trees, many almond trees, and the occasional pine. The land is covered by numerous gramineous which cover everything except the step that people do when visiting the site, as well as several thistles (as Scolymus hispanicus), poppies (Papaver rhoeas), spurge (Euphorbia sp.)




Old Corinth.

Many houses are built in this area with large yards in which are found mostly fruit trees and sometimes vid. Near the ruins grow some pines and cypresses.



This town, with more industrial past, is surrounded mainly by pine, cypress and around waterfront many big bananas grow, including one particularly old.


Inside the village grow some lemon, orange and medlar. Eucalyptus as as foreign plants.


The last step in this trip finishes with this stunning location. The castle suffered a major modification to the time of the Archduke, as it is now full of pine trees (Pinus halepensis and Pinus pinea).


Within the walls near the baths of the old city you can find a large banana, and another one in the square opposite the port. Several fig trees grow in various parts of the population.


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