Archduk :: Mediterranean Sea :: Like a fish in water

“On the basis of this strange bibliography, we can deduce perfectly that the Archduke Ludwig Salvator was truly in his element as he moved about the Mediterranean. We find him fixing his scrutinising gaze especially on ignored and mysterious places, unknown to most contemporary European readers. He observed everything with an absent, distant gaze and a contemplative attitude by which he attempted to reconstruct the ideal of balance that had been lost to the observed world. Behaving like a true naturalistic scientist, the incorrigible wanderer Ludwig Salvator never lapsed into the speculative, subjective introspection of Romanticism. Instead, he personally examined reality in the most direct manner possible.”
Palomero, J., Prologue, Urios, G., Nachtwey, J., Translation, Columbretes, 1895, Castellón City Council, 1990.

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