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“And indeed, he looked at us tenderly and said with great calm: ‘I am about to disappear, my dears, and I will disappear in such a way that no one will be able to find me. Once the Emperor has died, I will return, because then my services will be needed. I wish you could come with me, so that we could live in our way. But that is not possible, and we have to leave one another. The two of you, like me, have a will of your own, and like me, you will follow your destiny. And one day, people will speak of your independence.’

‘It is strange that our house, such a slave to tradition and faith, could produce people like us. It must be a revolution of the soul against the ties that bind us to our world... Don’t ever believe that I am dead, because one day I will return. And the three of us will see each other. And we’ll speak to each other once again...’”

March Cencillo, J., El Archiduque, Biografía ilustrada de un príncipe nómada, La Foradada, 1991.

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