Nixe III :: New aspects of the second season 2011: Marine Research

The NIXE III Project has replicated from the beginning some of the experiences of the Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria. This of course includes large crossings in the Mediterranean sea.

During the crossings one has the time to reflect and start observing the world with somehow different eyes. Also the crossings bring about an opportunity that finally has settled as a series of marine research projects. In the first place, and together with Rafael Sardà (CSIC-Blanes), we have designed a research upon floating debris on the mediterranean sea. Secondly, and in coordination with Gerald Hau (GOB Mallorca), we register all watchings of marine mammals.

Maybe those are research questions that the Archduke could have asked himself in the current context.

Finally, in this second season we have a new member of the team, Jaume Vidal, who is an specialist in environmental studies.

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