Day 4: Crossing back home

23/08/2010 20:19:44

Hi there!!


The creek of Illa Grossa is a refuge and, at the same time, it can become a trap. With bad northeast weather it can become a real danger, which unfortunately we had to experience.

When increasing the intensity of the wind we had to suddenly get out from the creek and handle an important storm once outside. The next day, during the crossing back home, the weather was still bad. The wind blowed up to around 30 knots with considerable waves and frequent showers. Thus, as we had the chace to read in Conrad’s book: “The sea has no friends”.


A special acknowledgement goes for the technical team of the natural reserve of Columbretes, which has considerably helped in the realization of the study in relation to those islands. Concretely we were with Xavier del Senyor (Historian), Patricia González (PhD in Biology), Eva Mestre (Agricultural Engineer) y Vicent Castanyer (Biologist).

Also we would like to thank the staff of the marine reserva, Bruno and Joan, who also helped us during the time we were in the islands.

Best wishes!

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23/08/2010 20:43:16 por Juan

Ya desde casa, es de recibo el dedicar una mención muy especial para el capitán, Guillermo, que supo sacar adelante el barco en condiciones bastante difíciles. Buen trabajo!

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