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19/07/2010 0:44:39

Hi there!!

It is already one week since we came back from the Eolian Islands. Enough time to rest a little bit, and to work on some of our other obligations.

In the first place we would like to thank all the people that helped us during our stay at the Eolian Islands. We send a big hug to Robi Archetti and Claudio, who most likely are now enjoying at Giovanazzo; also to the Raffaele family who explained to us the story about the house that the Archduk whised to buy; to Silvana, the librarian at Lípari who arrenged our first interview with Professor Iacolino; a big hello both to the father, Giuseppe, and to the son Giovanni, M.D. at Lípari.

Thanks a lot also to Barbara Calabrese and her mother Elsbeth who helped us with our work at Panarea; also to Beatrice and Mario of Magma Trek who showed to us the secrets of Strómboli; to professor Bastianetto who we met at Salina; Gian Piero for some very good bottles of malvasia; and to Pietro Lo Cascio, who finally could only be with us at the beginning, and who offered us a wonderful book on the islands.

We want to thank also all the people at Porto Pignataro, specially the general manager Giovanni for his support, Tiziana, Stecca, Antonio or Rosario who helped us more than once!; Laura of Porto Santa Marina at Salina; and finally Simone who managed to give us our boat back in good condition to go back home.

The moment the wheather is good we will head for Minorca and afterwards to the Columbretes. For those who might be interested in the historical analysis, the summaries of the Archduk’s books, Minorca and Columbretes, (see “book summaries”), are already finished.

Just to inform you, the research that we are doing, and which we will little by little upload to this website, is based on four different levels:

1- Summaries and documentation of destinations (Summaries of the Archduk’s books)

2- Data gathering and Real-time Blog (During the trips)

3- Comparison reports (After the trips)

4- Synthesis of comparison reports and lessons for the future (By the end of the project – 2015)

The first comparison report, concerning the Eolian Islands (Lípari), will be prepared in between, and mostly after, the next journeys to Minorca and Columbretes. Most likely it will be ready just after the summer (see “Comparison reports”). We will keep you updated.

Thanks a lot for following the development of this first trip. We apologize for the level of English in our Blog; there is a trade-off concerning real-time production and quality that is difficult to avoid for us. All other texts in the website are translated by professional translators. We will keep on preparing the Blog with a descriptive and neutral style. We will also try to increase the number of personal anecdotes in the “Comments” section. Thus, as some of you have suggested, we will also be able to share a bit more about the “human” side of our adventure.

See you soon from Minorca!

Best wishes!

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última en: 29/07/2010 12:16:52

29/07/2010 12:16:52 por juanmi

Ayer os vi zarpando rumbo a menorca,en el momento preciso que me disponia hacer un poco de wake, no vi el codigo cero desplegado, cuando volvais lo quiero ver eh..un saludete y buen viaje..

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