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Day 6: 2 days (and a bit) to Sicily

18/06/2010 10:49:32

Good night!!

While we write these words we are not yet arrived in Sicily. We ha a small engine problem and we have lost some of the power. For that reason, we have also been slightly slower. It is related to a mushrroom or bactery that is in the fuel and that manages to obstruct filters and other. Tomorrow we will try to arrange it in a small port besides Palermo.

Today we caught a wonderful “tuna fish”; we have lunch, diner, and perhaps, breakfast…

The departure from San Pietro, in Sardegna, was very good, just leaving to one side the island of Sant ‘Antiocco. Some time ago we saw a very good TV program on this island in Thalassa.

During these second crossing we had slightly worse weather. We went through a couple small storms yesterday. And here comes a little Sicilian saying, which apears in the Archduk’s works, and that Bea accompanied with a subtle smile: “Burraschi e donni fannu socchi vonnu”, “Storms and women do as they wish”.

As you can see, the sea also imposes its wishes on us, and now we expect to arrive at Pignataro Port, at Lípari, on saturday. Hopefully next week we will be fully devoted to our mission.


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2 comentarios

última en: 18/06/2010 20:27:12

18/06/2010 20:27:12 por Miguel Ángel

¿Cómo lo cocinaste Gui?

18/06/2010 por juanmi

Como se nota que el atun es del mercadona de San Pietro, jejeje, quien lo pesco? Buenos lomitos que menos veo que bien alimentados vais, bueno os mando un saludo desde la isla mallorquina..

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