Zante / Zakhyntos


Agriculture and Fishing in Zakynthos. (General part).


In our final destination following  the Archduke studies we could observe the following regarding these primary sectors:


Olives: As in all the territory we have traveled, the olive is still one of the economic pillars and one of the leading exponents of agriculture of the Greek islands of the Ionian Sea.


Agave plants: the Archduke found several agaves during his visit; we could find several but we believe they are fewer and what remains is practically nothing compared to that time.


Vineyard: there are many small smallholdings dedicated to the vine. We also find the typical construction that is used to keep the vines, named Kalivia, normally used in summer.



Fishing is usually similar to the previous islands, with more boats than the larger islands. The boats are usually found in the dock of Zakynthos -in the main promenade- where fishermen piled their networks after the working day.


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