Zante / Zakhyntos


Excursions by sea in Zakhyntos: The East Coast


Spending the night in Skinari we can take a walk around; late in the afternoon, with the gray sky, we see how the sea changes its color. We see the island of San Nicolas and Kefallonia background.

In the morning we head south. It is remarkable that here the coast has many gullies formed by flowing water, like the gullies found in the south of Menorca.

We came to Cape Katastari in which the Archduke stood the "Sti Colonnes". We cannot find them, apparently they have collapsed. Where they suppose to be we see abundant rocks on the ocean floor.


After Cape Katastari we see a small beach, Xigia, and on the right: Katerga cave. The arrangement of the rocks inside of it has changed quite a bit compared what the Archduke saw.


We continue south along the coast to Alykes. This is a tourist area where you can see hotels and apartments by the coast. We take a photo in the area where the river Potamos is, indicated by the Archduke.

After leaving the tip that closes the bay of Alykes we find Stu Psaru tip, where it has been built a marina, and now we see the breakwater protrude therefrom. A little farther south is Gaidaru tip or "donkey" as mentioned the Archduke.


 We were immediately very surprised because there is practically nothing remaining of  the Voidi islet.

We entered Zakhyntos Bay, and took a picture of Cape Akrotiri. Here we see both the lighthouse and a small church near the shore. As we approach the breakwater we see the slope where the castle of Zakhyntos is, today covered by pine trees.


Finally, we show an image of Skopos taken from Zakhyntos port and the tower of the church of Ayos Dionysus, seems for a moment as if we were approaching to Venice...

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