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Excursions by sea in Zakhyntos: The northwest and north coast


We started this trip from Porto Vromi where we had the opportunity to sleep; excellent for those who want to "disconnect" since there is no phone coverage in the harbor.


We leave the harbor to find the small island of Vromi in front of us. Just where indicated the Archduke we entered in a deep cave. In the same area we find other cave that has a deep blue color.


We continue north and stopped at Mapavelia, the small bay which is just before Shipreck bay. In this area the caves have the characteristic of being pierced, and some form bridges over the sea.


The Shipwreck bay has the world's most photographed beach, with an old ship aground probably from the 1940s or 1950s. Particularly striking is the height of the cliff to enter the bay and the turquoise blue sea water. On the beach, next to the ship, we see hundreds of tourists who are transported there by large tourist boats.


We continue north to the tip, almost barren island, Andreas Ayos. Here are some ruins that were a monastery. We see that slowly is becoming an island; Archduke images showed that was previously attached to land, although he advised not venture to go through the old union.


We continue towards Cape Skinari. The coast becomes smooth, but still see the last great cliffs of the west coast.

Right after Skinari tip there is the first cave, and a little further on we find the so-called "Blue Cave", which is one of the major tourist attractions of the island. Here is a picture taken from the inside of it.


Then follow the famous two arcs -appearing in a lot of the books on Zakhyntos- and then a beautiful area of coastline with other small caves and natural pools formed by rocks with transparent waters.


On the way to Skinari we face another nice cave that produces an intense light blue. Skinari is a small harbor whose main activity is to show the caves to tourists. In the opposite island we can see the ruins of the monastery mentioned by the Archduke in his book.

So far this trip in the northwest and north coast Zakhyntos. We'll be back with a new post showing the west coast.

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