Ithaka: Flora and Fauna. (General Part).


At Ithaka we realize that, as mentioned the Archduke in his work, the flora is very similar to that of neighboring islands.

The big difference regarding the other islands so far is perhaps a lower density of olive trees and also a lower amount of almond trees compared to the Archduke' studies. On the other hand it appears that in 1905 there was no "Pefkos" -or pines- that currently are in abundance on the island, especially around churches.


The Archduke found there was  more vegetation on the west than in the east, but now that it is almost imperceptible;  but he also said that several fires that occurred years before his arrival.

Regarding the predominant flora on the island, there is a great diversity of shrubs beginning with Holm oaks (Quercus sp.) Ericas (Erica sp.) Pistaceas (Pistacia lentiscus and Pistacia terebinthus) and rosemary, as most predominant herb next to thyme.



And trees: pines (Pinus halepensis), cypress (Cupressus sempervirens), madrone (Arbutus unedo), olive (Olea europaea) or fig (Ficus carica).

As for smaller sized Flora, we found as predominant: various species of gramineous, Phlomis fructicosa, Verbascum italicum, cistus and asphodels, among many others.




Finally note as not-typically Mediterranean Flora:  eucalyptus (especially in the towns near the sea), and prickly pear cactus (Opuntia ficus indica), agave (Agave sp.) Or the well known Carpobrotus edulis, although relegated to the private gardens.


The fauna that we recorded is typical of most of the islands: doves, the common pigeon, cats and numerous goats of the genus "Capra" -used for the preparation of typical local dishes-. The following is an image of a typical goat on the island.

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