Golfo de Corinto


Agion and Lepanto


On our way out of the Gulf of Corinth we stopped at Agion, which is in the area where the Gulf becomes more narrow on the south shore, not far from the exit. The sailing output is always complicated because the prevailing winds are from the west, and the daily thermal so powerful from that same direction.

In Agion we landed in the port area which lies to the west of the city. There we found many old abandoned factories and some others having become bars and restaurants.


From the upper area of ​​the city we took the picture to the Gulf of Corinth as did the Archduke. Not far from here is the town hall and a fully underpinned old cathedral in which multiple cracking can be observed. Finally we walk and see the harbor area where we landed.

After the visit to Agion we're heading towards Lepanto which lies on the northern shore of the gulf. Upon arrival we see the wall that forms the port of Lepanto. Here's the entry from the same dock. Turning around on the same dock we were surprised with the  image of Miguel de Cervantes to which they have dedicated a statue recalling his participation in the famous battle of Lepanto.


That night we ate at the restaurant Papoulis which is in a small street east of the port. Here you can see some of the dishes: feta with oregano and olive oil and grilled octopus.


The next morning, after sleeping in the port, beautiful, we climbed to the top of the castle. Once inside the castle we went to the church of the Prophet Elijah.


We see nothing from the church because today there are many new trees in place. Our guide told us that mostly were planted a few years ago, mid-twentieth century. Deep down we can see the harbor and across the mountains of the south bank.


Also is spectacular from here, about 200 meters high, the view of the bridge between Rion and anti-Rion, entrance to the Gulf, which lies a few miles to the west, and was finished in 2004 while the Olympics were in Greece.

In the western part of the castle, halfway up, we find out the fountain of the walls that mentioned the Archduke. Very close to the source we can see an old hammam and the ruins of a mosque.


Once down we see that is no longer the west gate of the city walls. We take a picture of what are currently the walls today, while climbing over the hill. From there the beach is very close.


The stay in Lepanto, like that in Corinth, was spectacular. We leave with a wonderful memory.


We finish here the destination of the Gulf of Corinth. Next destination Ithaca...

We leave with much excitement as we reached the Lepanto's.

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