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Excursions by land in northeast Levkada: Skafiotes Valley, Karya and Livadi, Alexandros Valley and Nikiata

25/05/2013 17:25:47

On this tour we will explore land northeastern slope of Levkada. We depart from Levkada to Karya. In theSkafiotes area our first stop is Pinachori. There we see some typical houses renovated and wonderful views of Karya.


We continue towards Karya and after a few kilometers we reach Pigadisani. Here we can see an old stone house as they built before major earthquakes of the mid-s. XX. We also see the village church which is perched on a small hill.


In Karya predominates the church located in the center of town. Not far is the square where several restaurants are located, and in which are six beautiful bananas trees.


In Karya we can see the contrast between the old houses and some refurbished houses.


We go now to Englouvi village, famous for the cultivation of lentils which are greatly appreciated. On the way we can see a windmill across the valley. Some turns before we have seen the Karya Livadi also referred by the Archduke.


In Englouvi we notice that the church is modern. In the square we see a couple of cafeterias and three bananas trees that give a magnificent shade. Above us, from Englouvi, we see the church of the Prophet Ilias, the one that we visited on our previous trip.


Going through Plastistoma we continue to Alexandros. Platistoma has a beautiful church surrounded by trees on a small hill. Just before reaching Alexandros we find another old church in our way.


In Alexandros again we see the contrast between old and renovated according to proper standards. On the town square church we like the details of the door. The village is almost empty, we see many abandoned houses. Leaving the village we see an abandoned windmill.


We go through Kalyvata with the impression of having reached the end of the world, also because the road literally does not go on and we must turn back. Here we see a house and detail of an ancient staircase.


After Kalyvata we start the descent towards the northeast coast of Levkada. From above we can see the view to the small port of Nikiana.

At Levkada we walk by the front sea promenade and stop in the city center. From the walkway there is a beautiful view of Santa Maura castle, for which canal we arrive to Levkada city from the north.


We also see one of the streets that lie perpendicular to the boardwalk. Walking into the center we arrive to the main shopping street with the old church of the Pantocrator in it.


We have made several trips by land and now we have to continue the Levkada coast. The east, full of small islands, including Skorpios, looks very attractive...

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