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Opatija: People, economy and flora

16/06/2011 23:34:20

Hello form Bakar!!

Yesterday afternoon we had a marvelous interview with Doctor Amir Muzur, especialist in neuro-cognitive medicine, he was also mayor of Opatija, and is well acquainted with the history of the city. In fact, he belongs to the Jaric family, which is considered as one of the family initiators of Opatija.

Amir tells us that there have probably always been two Opatijas. One open to the world, and that understands the importance of tourism, and another one self-centered, which will not like to take risks or incur in excessive efforts.


In fact, he mentions that the Archduke had the great privilege to observe an incredible transformation, in between the Opatija that fighted to survive during the XIXth century, living out of primary activites, and the Opatija that lives happily, working just the months that last the touristic season.

Concerning commerce, y perhaps related to the latter point, it is surprising that most of the shops are run by local people. Nowadays, and in the bast streets of the world, we normally find the same types of commerce and brands. In this aspect Opatija shows a significative difference.


Amir also comments that the prices of the houses have been following several up and down cycles. The down cycles were marked by the first world war, the second world war, and this last crisis. The last climb of prices lasted until 2007, and it was run by mostly russian citizens.

Finally he says that the Archduke was someone that was able to observe Opatija with and nice and yet elevated regard; he was able to register a momento of the history of Opatija y a warm and human way. He was an intelectual really free and with an special sense and sensitivity.

Also yesterday we were able to go to Monte Ucka, Monte Maggiore. The highest peak of Učka is the Vojak (1401 m), before called Monte Maggiore. On the top of te Vojak there is a stone tower build by mountains climbers and nature enthusiasts in 1911. The vegetation on the middle of the mountains is a forest formed by elms, oaks and chestnut trees. In the high zone are firs and shrubs. The rocks on Učka’s peak ridge are the only habitat of the endemic Učka bellflower Campanula tommasiniana in the world.


Furthermore two days ago we visited the beautiful garden of Villa Angiolina. There we saw a lot of trees and flowers, some of this autochthonous and others introduced, or in words of the Archduke, Indians or exotic. Some of the trees that we see are the magnolia, palmetto, laurel, oaks, elm, pine or ilex. In the other hand, the flowers are jasmine and roses.



This morning we left Opatija with a wonderful weather and this has allowed us to take marvelous images from the sea of all places that we already know!


Best wishes!!

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