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Day 24 (with a little delay): Filicudi

10/07/2010 20:26:19

As you will see the “Yesterday we arrived at Filicudi …” happened six days ago … We had an internet connection problem and our providers were unable to solve it … Besides we unfortunately had to follow typical service center processes, which are just painful and useless …

Already back in Mallorca, we will try to little by litlle upoload all the left materials.

Hi there!!

Yesterday (actually six days ago) we arrived at the group of islands which are more apart, Filicudi and Alicudi. Thus, they have better preserved older customs. In fact you will find today the summary of Filicudi. As for Alicudi, we will stop there on our way home.

In the meantime the reversible helix is now broken. Therefore, returning to the port of Pignataro has been extremely slow. Besides the price to suspend the boat, in the public part of the port, in order to change the helix has been really abusive. We have paid ten times what we would have paid in Puerto Pollensa…

On the other hand, we have had a very good service from the Simone who has very efficiently arranged our helix problem.

BOAT TOURS: Filicudi

After departing from Lípari, Capo Graziano is the first point that we encounter at Filicudi. There is a pre-historical site at Capo Graziano, and around the Cape there are plenty of sunken boats from all eras.

We pass by besides Picurini, a port where we can see some houses and a little pier.

Just after we find Punta del Stimpagnatu. The Archduk comments on the curious forms that the rocks seem to draw.

The Sciara is really impressive. The erosion has changed significatively the lower part of it.

We arrive and enter, with our tender, inside the Cave of the Voi Marinu. Some little rocks inside the cave have disappeared. The whole sight is astonishing. And when we were waiting for our mermaids to show, a boat plenty of tourists appears in between the blinding light of the cave’s entrance …

Just 200 metres away we are already passing under the Pirciatu. Between both walls there are just 4 metres. The conglomerate rocks have impredictable, and at the same time magic, patterns.

We arrive at the zone of the islets where the Canna when we approach appears as a majestic rock, 85 metres of altitude.

We turn around tha Canna a few times in order to better appreciate all its different perspectives.

Not far away we find the Giaanti, a large rock that has a completely flat top.

The sights of the Giaanti, the Canna and Alicudi far away are beautiful.

We pass just in front of another Sciara y inside it we appreciate the contrast of a very intense green.

Again we have Capo Graziano in front of us, and we anchor into the little bay where we will spend the night, Filicudi Porto.

WALKING TOURS: Filicudi – Zucco Grande

This time our target is a small abandoned village, Zucco Grande, situated at around 4 kilometres from Filicudi Porto and about 200 metres of altitude.

This excursion serves us to somehow understand the extreme living conditions of some villages in the smallest islands.

There is no road, and just a small path that fits only people and animals. “Asinos” were used for transportation.

A dog has joined us from Filicudi Porto and he does the whole excursion with us …

We arrive to a first Sciara where we observe very large walls of black lava.

The we arrive into a second one, the one which we had seen from the sea, and we get our dilemma solved. The center of the Sciara is formed by a little wood with plants of the same species.

We arrive at Zucco Grande, and we can see a series of houses completely abandoned.

There is, though, a little restaurant where you can go provided you reserve in advance.

Also there is a beautiful new house just besides the path. We were told that it belongs to a princess, and that all the materials for its construction were trasported by a helicopter.

Best wishes!

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última en: 11/07/2010 15:38:04

11/07/2010 15:38:04 por silvia

Las fotos mas maravillosas del viaje! Menuda luz d atardecer. Bon viatge cap a casa! You can! Aprofiteu q desores you miss a lot.

11/07/2010 por Guillem

Ya nos teníais preocupados... :) preciosas  fotos!

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