Catalina Homar in the museum.


This is not the place to write "gossips" but, making a break in our scientific research, today we will mention Catalina Homar, one of the women in the life of the Archduke.

The daughter of a carpenter in Valldemossa, since she was a little girl she  was hanging around the farm of s'Estaca bringing food and water to the workers. One day the Arxiduc hired her and she became the "Sa Madonna of s'Estaca " (the mayoral of all the farm) the only woman at that time who exercised this responsibility throughout the island. She did a great job there,  getting great productions of Muscat and Malvasia grapes until Phylloxera-epidemic ended with the whole crop in Majorca. Until the day of her death, of syphilis or other disease, she did not leave s'Estaca.

The Arxiduc referred to her as "Sa nina" (the little girl) and always called her that. He make her study, taught her different languages​​, took her to see the world and gave her all the administration of the farm, something unthinkable in Mallorca at the time.

As everyone assumed, so do we, there was that a relationship between them.

Inside the Vallemossa Cartoixa, in the interesting Local Museum, where the Mayor, Nadal Torres Bujosa, gave us a comprehensive explanation of the relationship between the Archduke and the village of Valldemossa, we could admire a couple of rooms of the museum dedicated to the Arxiduc figure.

In this museum we saw a first edition of the Arxiduc's book on Catalina Homar -written after her death-, and two letters, very stylish and not romantic at all. One of them is written at just after the Arxiduc attend the funeral of his beloved cousin "Sisi the Empress".

All of this is just to justify this "gossip column", and  also to define Catalina Homar as an important woman... big enough to be in a museum.



Nadal Torres Bujosa, Major of Valldemossa.




Arxiduc's book: "Catalina Homar".




Arxiduc's bust.




Letters. "Dear sir," writes Catalina Homar.




Together but not so close.




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