Santa Clara Cloister in Palma


The excursions around Mallorca's capital of the island are taking us to familiar places, some members of the project are majorcans, and it is nice to meet them again. The "Convento de las Clarisas" is one of them. 

Like most majorcan brides know, they must bring a dozen of eggs as a present to the nuns of this convent if they want to have the most wonderful sunshine on her wedding day; but the visit to the monastery reminded us more things about this place like the "torno" (wheele) wich is still working to sale the majorcan sweets made by them; they have also included some extremely tasty chocolates among its cuisine.
But what has surprised us more, is the publishing of an advertising brochure to attract new members to the order. Definitely the marketing is important everywhere...

Advertising Brochure


Price list


Majorcan products

Torno -wheele- and door bell


Text from "Die Balearen" about "Convento de Santa Clara".

Monasterio de Santa Clara

Carrer Fonollar, 2.


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