Flora and Fauna in Parga. (General Part)

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City of Parga.

Touring the city can be seen in the backyards: fig-trees ( Ficus carica), bananas ( Platanus orientalis) lots of citrus trees, especially lemon and orange trees, many of them cited by the Archduke. In terms of wildlife it can be found doves and numerous cats. A part of this type of flora, you can also see other different areas in the city.





Mainly large pine trees ( Pinus halepensis) and cypress ( Cupressus sempervirens), with some olive trees ( Olea europaea) and lots of grass.



Panagia Island.

There are more present conifers (pine and cypress) and (flora) we found some orchid, fern ( Pteridium aquilinum), maritime Urgina, Arum italicum.




Agh. Athanasios

In the ascent to this church you must pass through a hill with a huge number of olive trees in high altitude, many surrounded by a kind of creeper ( Hedra helix). Atop we can see some cypress and pine trees.



Parga area:

Αγ. Ελενη ( Agh. Elenh)

Around the church we observed deep olive grove mainly for oil production. Next to the church there are cypresses, some olives and rosemary. As for wild flora, we saw: fructicosa Phlomis and Cistus, among others.




Aiah Castle.

Inside the castle, rather neglected, we can find wild figs, and surroundin it we observe different types of flowers: Verbascum undulatum, Phlomis fructicosa, Nerium oleander and other wild flowers.



In terms of naturalized flora we could find several prickly or cactus ( Opuntia ficus indica) also mentioned by the Archduke especially for their fruits. We also found invasive plants but very localized, such as Carpobrotus edulis.

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