Paxos y Antipaxos


Flora in Paxos. (General Part)

20/05/2013 9:40:09

In this part we will try to make a brief summary of what can be seen on the island of Paxos and Antipaxos, although there have been many more species registered .


Inland Flora.

After the tours we did on the inside of Paxos we discovered that, in terms of large trees, predominate the Olive ( Olea europaea L. var. europaea) with large sizes, the fig tree ( Ficus carica), some species of conifers ( Pinus halepensis, Juniperus oxycedrus, Cupressus sempervirens). We also found other fruit trees such as loquat ( Mespilus germanica) and the lemon.


Wild Flora: mainly Spartium junceum, Phlomis fructicosa, Trifolium campestre (in roads and under olive trees), Pulicaria odora and in shady or moist places: Pteridium aquilinum, among others.



In terms of naturalized flora on the island we can find Opuntia ficus indica.
Sea-side Flora.
In these parts of the island you can see many species of conifers ( Pinus halepensis, Pinus brutia, Pinus pinea, Juniperus phoenicea); olives trees are almost completely disappear. We can also observe a species of oak ( Quercus coccifera).
For smaller species can be found: Pistacia lentiscus, Euphorbia dendroides, Asphodelus aestivus, Trifolium stellatum, Urginea maritima, Briza máxima (and other grass species) or Crithmum maritimum, although other like inland flora as Spartium junceum or Phlomis fructicosa.
The flora of Antipaxoshas many similarities to Paxos, but the olive tree here, gives way to a larger number of small plots with vines in the interior of the island.
Note that there are two endemic species in the islands: Limonium paxorumand Centaurea antipaxorum

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