Agriculture and fishing in Parga. (General Part)

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Parga has changed a lot in relation to agriculture and fishing since the time of the Archduke. During the last 100 years these primary sector activities have gradually given way to the service sector, especially from the 50s (specifically in 1953) when tourism began to modify this location.


The main crop of the town and surrounding area is still that of olive ( Olea europaea L. var. Europaea) covering large areas forming forests of these trees.

Cultivation of citrus or vine, written by the Archduke, continued to decline and currently now is just for family consume; quite a number of these fruits or vines are now in the gardens or grounds of the houses.



Although there are several fishing boats, they are not very abundant and practically for local supply. The fishing is often done through various types of networks; line fishing is anecdotal.

Yet throughout the region, belonging to Preveza, are still grown vegetables, oil, fisheries and livestock of: pork, chicken, lamb and beef.

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