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Djerba: The rest of the islands and sorroundings

16/05/2012 17:04:17

Hi there from Sfax!!

We are still in Sfax waiting now for some bad weather to finish. Hopefully we will be sailing back on friday, direction Tunis.

In this blog we will describe what we saw in the sorrounding villages of Houmt-Souk. In the first place we had to visit Burdj el Kastir but it was impossible to approach because the near area is, at this time, a swamp. From a certain distance we managed to take a picture, and it seems to be build in the middle of the sea.

We left the island for a momento to get to Zarzis, which is known as the olive oil town of the area. There we were looking for Burdj el Zarzis y we discovered that it is not anymore there and on the same spot a governmental building has been constructed.


Once in Zarzis we decided to go to a local restaurant, Le Berbère, and we tasted some typical dishes of the area: Ojja, cous-cous and tajin.

http:// GdpS3G_HH3s

Back in the island of Djerba, we went to Guellala, which is known as the town of the pottery. We visited Mr. Ali Berber, 85 year-old man, who devoted all his life to the production of pottery. He showed us the ancient job shop that has belonged to his family for hundreds of years.

http:// Wq1XtUhFd_k

At Guellala we also had the misión to find the mosque of Sidi Yaddi situated besides the sea. We were very surprised to arrive to Sidi Yaddi and find a different mosque over there. The drawing of the Archduke was not the same …


A little further down the south coast of Djerba, our driver took us to the Guellala mosque, which happaned to coincide with the drawing of the Archduke. Thus, we imagine that perhaps there could be a mistake in the book of the Archduke.


In this zone, of shallow waters, we observed plenty of people in the sea collecting sea food. We also found nomade tribes that constantly change place in the south side of Djerba.


Our driver Kamel saw one of the drawings of the Archduke, one of those that we had not yet identified, and he said he knew the place. It is a drawing that can be seen in the gastronomy part of the summary (book summaries), a “meal at Burdj Egim”. Actually the place is known as Burdj Ajim nowadays. Ajim is known as the fishing town of Djerba. On the old front wall we see that the original door and the battlements have been eliminated.


And tomorrow he hope to come back to the “general part”. We will devote a blog to fishing and the sea.

Best wishes!!

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